Effective communication through the written word is a process: to convey a message simply and clearly. A writer must develop a variety of skills to communicate original thought effectively.

Writing Skills
Learn the fundamentals of clear writing in this basic course on professional communication. The course will concentrate on writing skills such as:

  • Formal style and language skills
  • Length of sentences and paragraphs
  • Discourse structure
  • Planning and organization of material
  • Logical ordering and coherence
  • Readability and presentation

Business Proposals, Responses to Tenders and Business Plans
Business proposals, responses to tenders and business plans are all forms of persuasive messages. They aim to persuade the reader to accept the proposed action or to commit money and resources. Credibility and professionalism are vital when planning these business documents.

The course covers the following areas:

  • Requested and non-requested proposals
  • Understanding the tender process
  • Structure of business proposals or plans
  • Punchy executive summaries
  • Core and elective elements
  • Editing and style considerations

Professional Report Writing
Enhance and develop your report-writing skills by improving your understanding of essential report components. The style of a report must be simple and easy to understand and the technical or financial content should never obscure the essential message. Since the writer of a report is rarely present when it is read, professional reports must convey information that is clearly presented, accurate and unambiguous.

Courses focus on a combination of the following key elements:

  • Understanding your terms of reference
  • Audience, purpose and planning
  • Report structure and logic
  • Writing style and formality
  • Accuracy, clarity and simplicity
  • Integration of graphics
  • Effective introductions and conclusions

Correspondence and CVs
Avoid confusion in the business environment by learning to write professionally, accurately and clearly. Courses focus on a combination of the following key elements:

  • Letters
  • E-mails
  • Agendas and Minutes
  • CVs and Letters of Application (on request)
  • Memoranda
  • Faxes