Successful management includes excellent communication skills to facilitate action and guide change.

Communication involves a relationship between speaking and listening and it is this dynamic that leads to shared understanding and enhanced productivity in the workplace.

Learn to recognise and overcome barriers to communication, ranging from cultural and gender differences to varied communication styles.

Courses will focus on a combination of the following key elements:

  • Assertiveness training and team building
  • Time management, leadership and meeting skills
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation skills
  • Creative thinking and problem solving techniques

Assertiveness training and team building
Active listening skills, combined with assertive behaviour, are the keys to successful group interaction. Understand your own personal communication style and learn to manage those around you. Acquire the skills to help you develop more assertive behaviour.

Time Management and Meeting Skills
Learn to prioritise your day effectively. Ensure that your work habits make efficient use of your time. Learn to combine assertive personal behaviour with a clear understanding of competing demands on your time. Incorporate agendas, time management skills and knowledge of group behaviour to run successful and productive meetings.

Conflict resolution and negotiation skills
Learn to negotiate from a position of inner strength. Discover how to incorporate assertive behaviour into negotiating situations. Understand the dynamics of group behaviour to assist you in recognising and managing potential and actual conflict at work.

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
Learn to use a variety of problem solving tools. Combine your knowledge of these techniques with an understanding of group dynamics and negotiating skills to ensure that your team is productive and manages conflict.